Saturday, February 6, 2010

baking and cleaning

So, today after sleeping in a while and then Bandit sticking his nose in my face, I got up and finished cleaning the bathroom. It looks great! I'm so happy with it. And then after that (and dropping the ground meat and the silent auction thing off at Belle Creek) I started making treats!! I made a bag full of s'mores on a stick, and I tried some little heart shaped berry pies.

Here is the silent auction thing. It's a chickenwire message board. I made it silver (I didn't have anymore black spray paint) and I painted the clothes pins silver too, and then tied ribbon around the clothes pins. I didn't put any names, any words, nothing but ribbon, twine, and a star.

I didn't get any pictures of the s'mores on a stick, cuz you've already seen those. But I did get pictures of the berry pies, I had to be quick, Shark had that hungry look in his eyes. I just made 5 of them, so far, I was just trying it out at first. They turned out pretty good, there are some changes to be made, but I'll have to find time to try them again.

So the POTD for Saturday is : my cute little heart shaped pie. This is the last one on the tray, Shark and I ate them all, I'm glad I thought to get a picture before they were all devoured.

love to all -