Tuesday, February 2, 2010

hmmmm... action

So, I've noticed I didn't post yesterday... Sorry. For those of you who look for a daily post. You can imagine things have started to happen. I've started to throw trash away!! Amazing! Sorting papers and tossing the unwanted, consolidating notes, scanning and saving. Today I'm cleaning out the spare room, going thru my craft stuff, The Closet, and the desk. We're also documenting what we really are taking with his. Know anyone who wants a futon? A desk? A couch (it really is a comfy one!!)? An entertainment center? A 7ft conference table [we used as a kitchen table]? A birdnest chair with ottoman? Let me know, we can totally get you the hook up!! Cuz we have decided, we are only taking our bed, our little kitchen table, our dressers, our shelves, our lovesac and our filing cabinet. Oh and the washer and dryer we got, most rentals I've looked at have hook ups. So yeah... anybody want our furniture? Also, do you know anybody who's got some boxes?! LOL! I'll be looking on craigslist for free boxes.... So yeah, that's what I've been up to.

Ok, so I have been getting stuff done. But I can't post about it, until I at least mail it! I have my project done, but I need to mail it today.

All I've been doing is cleaning. POTD for yesterday is : Shark welding. I like this one most of all, because of the shadow on the door.

love all -

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