Thursday, February 4, 2010

Baby Blanket

So, I posted some pics on my Facebook and hid them from my brother and sister in law. I know thats mean to do, but I was showing my mother in law and some friends from work, what the blanket looked like. Well, I finished it earlier this week, and mailed it out. I wasn't going to post anything really about it until she had gotten it. Well, she got it today and called me. I loved making this blanket, it was so much fun picking out the colors and the fabrics and making the blocks was so fun!

The pattern really is forgiving, and that's what I needed in my 2nd quilt. The first one I made was NOT forgiving. I love how this quilt turned out, and it was alot of fun making it and creating the blocks. I added creative things, like Whitney's name on the back, in quilted letters. And I de-wired some ribbon for the binding, I think I will use ribbon forever for binding blankets, it was so easy!!

I haven't seen baby Whitney yet, I've heard her over the phone, and I've seen pictures. And I can tell everyone, that I {personally} and so excited to have a little baby in the family!! She is such a blessing to our big Collard family, and I know that her entire family is grateful for her. I can't wait to meet her!!

POTD for 1.4.10 is : Bandit. We sold our futon tonight, and we had tons of blankets on it that just got thrown into our room. I walked into our room to find this :

King of heap!! What a cute little doggie!

love -

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