Thursday, February 18, 2010

New hair cut!!

So today, I packed up the pictures in the house. Well, most of them anyhow. Some of them didn't fit in the box, so we'll pack those seperate. But I also got my hair cut today!! Yayayayay! I found a place I love! {FINALLY} and it wasn't expensive at all. They cut my hair, the way I wanted it, for $16!! And she took lots of time on it, and asked me questions about how I wanted it. It figures that I find a place to get my hair cut, and we're leaving next week. Ugh.... {please ignore the dirty mirror behind me, and just look at the hair cut!!}

Today' POTD is : Shark and me with my new hair cut, of course. :) {pretty sure I have NO idea why blogger sometimes decided to inport my pictures differently than how their shown....}

love you -

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