Friday, February 5, 2010

Birthday wishes and boxes

Today is my brother's birthday!! Happy Birthday Timmy!!! You're an awesome brother, and I love you!! You've taught me so much, and I look up to you! Hope you have a great 25th birthday!!

I had my mom send me some CD's with pictures of me growing up, I think I had her send them for the wedding video or something. So I've got pictures of when we were little!! Yayay!

Today I went and got some boxes from Home Depot, they've got some pretty big ones for pretty cheap. So today, I put the DVD's in a box. I also started to clean the kitchen floor, but after it not getting clean by mopping AND by scrubbing with a washcloth, I sort of lost ambition... I have some of those Magic Erasers, so that is what I'll try next. I think those things are awesome!! I had washed out a brush when I was using the chalkboard paint, I washed it out in the bathroom sink, and for almost 2 months, I had little specks of chalfboard paint in my bathroom sink that would not come out. I bought the Magic Eraser, and the specks came out!! I don't think the sink looked this good even when we started renting the place! So I'm pretty sure my eraser will clean the kitcheb floor... :)

POTD for today 1.5.10 is : our DVD's in a box. This is just most of them, I kept some out cuz Shark and I are movie people!! And again, it thinks the picture is horizontal when its not. I tried to fix it....

Love --

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