Friday, February 12, 2010

I can remember everything else!!

Yeah, I didn't even know what day it was yesterday, I thought it was the 10th, nope it was the 11th. All my days are blurring together!! But I am going to recap the past 2 days for everybody.

Feb 10th (for real) - Wednesday. Shark called into a radio show at like 5 am (he has his early meeting) and he won 4 tickets to see Edge of Darkness, it's that new Mel Gibson movie. So yayayay....? I stopped by the library today, I needed the next book the Sisters Grimm series. They had it!! Then we just hung out. One of my roomate (and best friend) from college called me! {Yeah, I'm still working on that gift, yo} and it was so good to talk to her! So, the POTD for 2.10.10 is : my big huge pile of books I got at the library. [I know it's blurry, but I kinda like it that way]

Feb 11th - Today was unusually busy, I got up (not early, mind you) and just as I was finding my keys to head to Wal-Mart, Ang called and asked what I was doing. She had just dropped Ryker off at class, and was around town. So we went to Wal-Mart together and then went to McDonald's for $1 sodas and Cinna-Melts. Once I got home, I ordered some pizzas, and then headed down to ex-work, I planned to have lunch with some friends from there, I brought Bandit, cuz they wanted to see him. I made it just in time to get the pizzas and then just in time to work, they had just started their lunch break. Then we headed back up home, and I started to clean. I had finally talked Ang and Gerrit into letting us babysit!! We watched their boys for a few hours while they went on a date for Valentine's. The boys are so fun!! Shark played Punch-Out on the Wii and Ryker was playing along, pretending to be the bad guy. He would "get knocked down" too, but after Bandit licked his face a few times, there was no more knocking down. Kai loved petting Bandit, and loved running and have Bandit chase him, he was very interested in Bandit's water dish {don't worry Ang, I watched him very carefully!} Bandit was excited because there were new people. We put in Harry Potter and Ryker sat down to watch that, but to him every witch or wizard was bad. Kai helped me make cookies for V-day. Angie and Gerrit brought Sundae's for us when they came to pick up the boys. So the POTD for 2.11.10 is : the cookies we made!!

Today, Shark asked what my plans were, and that I wasn't sure. He then said, it might be a good idea for me stay around the house today.... I love when he's sneaky.

Great! I just started yet another series that is not yet complete. That makes 3! Fablehaven's last book is coming out next month, The Sister's Grimm has at least 1 more book, and technically I haven't started it yet, the 13th Reality only has 2 books out so far, the next is coming in October. I might just have to search the bookshelves at the library to find something new!

more to love later - and love to all

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