Sunday, February 14, 2010

New finds!

So in packing, I've been throwing out tons of stuff, and that means finding tons of stuff. For example, I found the photo of Shark and I on the cruise ship {our honeymoon!} and apparently I can't scan in it, I've still got to find the disk for the printer to upload that to the new computer.

But I did find how to create a heart on the computer, using the keyboard!!  If you go to this Yahoo Answers page, it's got all the info. I find I have to the hold the ALT and the FN key, hit the number I want {usually 3, on the number pad} and then let go of all the buttons. ♥ Ta Da!! So there you go.

Shark and I Nintendo'd after church today. It was pretty fun. We just completed level 3, meaning : we beat the game, but are now going back thru to get the star coins. :)

Today's POTD is : the leftover cookies we brought to church today, and my crown!!

We teach the 4-turning-5-year olds. They are so fun! We usually bring a treat, a coloring activity, and a game. That fills our time cuz the kids are always like "I got a puppy" "My mom loves cookies" "Yeah, my mom loves cookies too!!" "I have to go potty." "I have to get a drink" Today we made crowns that had tons of stickers on them (that's took up most of the time today, stickering the crowns) and the crowns said, I have been born of goodly parents. Cuz we talked about when Jesus was born. We have leftover cookies cuz Shark hasn't found them yet, and because the kids were stickering their crowns, no time for food when stickers are involved.

Oh, and here's one of the little dog. I was making the cookies today and opened the box, and Bandit took it right away. I then proceeded to put the box on his huge snoz.

Love -

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