Monday, February 8, 2010

Love and a craft

Today is Monday - I called about our gift card. We're planning on going to the Adams Mystery Theatre, it sounds like fun, and awesome Michelle gave us a gift certificate. So we're trying to plan that. But one thing that's hard about planning Valentine's Day is 1) this year it's on a Sunday, and 2) do we plan 2 things in February, 1 on V-Day and 1 on our month-a-versary. We decided to celebrate v-day at home, get some Martinelli's, maybe dip some fruit in chocolate, watch a movie, have a candlelight dinner. :) And we're going to redeem the certificate on the 19th (our month-a-versary).

Here's a cute little craft I did today. I got these little tile magnets from Michael's (they were $0.20 each for a 2 pack!) So I picked up 4 packs, 2 of the same black and white ones. I have been staring at them for weeks, trying to figure out what to do with them, and I finally picked out that I wanted to Mod Podge them, but what to MP? It hit me, Valentine's day is coming, why not heart and LOVE? So ta da!!

It was alot of fun to make these, and super easy.  And then I went kinda crazy adding words to the collage, it's all about Love, baby!

Today's Picture Of The Day is : Girl Scout Cookies!! We got our girl scout cookies today, and they look awesome!! Woot Woot, so excited!!

love -

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