Saturday, February 13, 2010

Nice relaxing Saturday

So - today was a great day! Shark and I slept in as much as possible before the little dog came and attacked us. I made some cinnamon rolls, and we caught up on Lost (online) and watced the opening ceremonies of the Olympics (online). Then our friend Angie called, saying it was nice day out and that today would be prefect for getting some more pictures. So after a little bit, we went over there. But by the time we got over there, it got really windy and it had started to cloud over. I guess we're just doomed for taking pictures. But we got some good ones! ☺ We then went home to play with our little doggie, and then headed back over for dinner. We then all played PowerGrid. I asked if we could turn on the Olympics too, on mute, and we watched and played. It was pretty fun! Here are some pictures from the latest batch.

And here is today's POTD: bandit being goofy!! He's sticking his tongue out!!

love to all - and thank you so much to Angie!! ♥

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