Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Just washed the dog!

So Bandit JUST got a bath, now he's clean and ready for his party. Today is Bandit's birthday, and we are going to have a party. I saw on Sister Stuff that her nephew (?) had a dog themed birthday. And I figured what better theme to have for my dog's birthday?! I bought some little doggie dishes and cut the kids' names in vinyl and stuck it on. I even have the makings for dog ear hats, not all the kids got them cuz not all the kids wanted them. But I cut out some little paper bones and "hid" them all over the house. If the kids found 4 of them, they got a prize {sunglasses} and if they found 1 more bone, they'd get a surprise!! A puppy!! Relax, not a real puppy, but I did want to scare Gerrit just a little bit (he hates dogs, well animals really...) I found little stuffed animal puppies at the dollar store. I made a "special" cake for Bandit, with dog food and bacon, and then I made a human cake. And I made it blue! The kids had a lot of fun eating out of their doggie dishes, and Michelle tells me that her girls try to eat every meal out of them. :) I had lots of fun getting this party together. And honestly, it really was for the kids, not for my dog, he spent most of the time gated in the kitchen, eating his cake. I did bring out the bubble machine, to which Kai shouted "bubble bubble bubble!!" I showed the kids just how Bandit reacts to the bubbles, and then shut him in the kitchen and let the kids play in the bubbles. Gerrit wanted in on the action, so he started shouting and catching bubbles too. And, since I was horrible and didn't get pictures at the party, Angie and Michelle sent me loads of pcictures they took! Thank you!!

That night when we went to sleep, Bandit laid down and started snoring, he didn't even move when Shark whistled for him! Thank you to all our friends who came! It was lots of fun!!

Today's POTD is : Bandit with his giant bone. He gots lots of good presents, and this one is going to take him a while. Yay!

love --

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so cute. Thanks for letting me know about your post!


Wow, just visiting your blog tired me out. It's amazing! We have many of the same ideas, very cool! My daughter is turning 9 and loooooves animals. She wants to have a dog-themed rescue vet party so I am stealing a few of your ideas. I liked the hidden bones, puppy chow, and dog bowl ideas. Thank you!