Monday, October 26, 2009

Baking from Scratch

So, I found a blog that had these Mummy cookies. Ok, so these aren't really cookies, they are cupcakes. But I didn't want to make cupcakes, I wanted sugar cookies. So I got it my head as I was driving home from work, I should make the mummy cookies from scratch! (Yeah, you'd be surprised what ideas I get as I'm driving home!) I already had planned to go to the store today, we are out of milk,easy food, and socks for Mark, so it was a must. I went thru the recipes (yes, that is plural!) to see what I had and what I needed. I decided to make sugar cookies and easy buttercream frosting. (I had both of these recipes!! And BOTH were way super easy!!) So I went to the store, only backtracked twice (and that was around the craft part of the store, and I have no problem going back there.) and I picked up what we needed. I came home, got out the Bosch, and started mixing! It was so easy and simple. I used a Basic Buttercream by Martha and a Soft Sugar Cookie recipe from a lady from my church in Utah. I mixed up the cookie dough, put it in the fridge, washed out the mixer, then mixed the frosting. I put that in the fridge too, and when I get home from work tomorrow, I can make up those awesome Mummy cookies!

Ok - So it's Tuesday. I got home, thawed out the dough and the frosting, and started baking! I couldn't find a plain round cookie cutter (apparently Wal-Mart only has Halloween ones, bats, witch hats, pumpkins, skulls-I suppose I could have used the skull, but I wanted my cookies to be cute not scary.) So, I found a cup, the smallest cup we have, and used that as a cookie cutter. It worked pretty dang good. And they turned out so tasty and good! (Mark stole some before they were even frosted!) I am so glad these turned out cute! I feel accomplished for making these cookies all from scratch, frosting and all!! Yay!!!

Oh, and I found some recipes for the Kong, and Bandit LOVES it!! I put peanut butter in it all the time. But lately I've been going thru the recipes. I found one where I melt PB and mix cheerios in, and freeze it. He loved that this morning!! I bought a bunch of apples yesterday, so I cut one up today, put some PB on some bread, put the apples in the Kong and then stuffed the bread in. He was busy for about an hour. Tonight I'm going to mix up some of his dog food, cheerios and plain yougurt, put that in the Kong and freeze it. He's so cute when he chases the Kong around the kitchen! He's such a cute lil dog!!

Love to all - bry and mark

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