Wednesday, October 21, 2009

news of nothing....really

There hasn't been too much going on lately. Just work and cleaning. I have discovered that Mark and I are really boring, we really don't do anything at all, just sit at home, play with Bandit and watch movies. (We don't even have cable-TV, we just watch movies....) I had to bring work home this past weekend in order to make my Deadline of Monday end of business day. So that filled my weekend up, but we still went over to Angie and Gerrit's (even though they are getting over being sick, we're all good tho!) Mark has been pretty sick the past few weeks, and even stayed home sick one day, but now that he's feeling better, most the people he works with are sick! So his days have been super busy, and he's been getting home later than he usually does. But we see this as a blessing, at least we have jobs that run us ragged, rather than no jobs. We're grateful for the things we have. I am very grateful to be married to him. I told him last night, that I like being married, but it's him that makes me the happiest, being married to him. (Don't get me wrong, I love being married, but he makes it way awesome.) :) (Oh, my awesome husband got me a free phone! His work used to have the TMobile Express Music phones and then they realized that all the men working for them and using the phones, all have hands like Mark. So, they switched phones. Well, I asked Mark what they did with the old phones, he asked a lady there, and BAM! New phone for me! Fantastic!)

I've been figuring out more things to do with those filing cabinets, I'm going over to Michelle's on Saturday to put more of them to good use. I'm excited for that. I'm hoping to steal Mark's camera again, and take some pictures of the end result. I am envisioning cuteness, but we'll just have to wait and see. I also need to get on the ball, and work on more of the Christmas gifts. In looking at it, I've got quite a bit to finish before December. (Yeah, I know, it's 2 months away, but I started a few of these projects back in JULY!) But pretty sure I've got ideas coming out of the woodwork. I'm glad I started writing them all down, so I can save them for later, when I have time and am not in a holiday rush.

Bandit has never seen snow. He was born in February, yes, but he was also born in Arizona! The little guy has never seen it and I'm excited for him to see snow. He always chases things like bugs, leaves and fluff that falls in front of him. (One of his favorite things ever to is KILL bubbles.) It snowed today! Alot! None of it stayed around, and it eventually turned to rain, but still, it snowed!

Which reminds me, I totally need to get family pics taken. I have put it off forever! I'm hoping for a nice weekend, to head out to the park and snap some shots. Just a few, not tons, we just need to do it! It looks like it's supposed to be nice this Saturday, so maybe we'll have to do it them. Just get it over and done with!

So much still, love always - bry and mark

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