Saturday, October 17, 2009

In my next life....

So, I have found something I unknowingly feel in love with! (That's only happened once before, and look, now I'm a Mrs!!) I am making something with those filing cabinets I got from work. Yes, it's a Christmas gift, and No, I won't show you all of it. I have it partially done, the base part is done, so I'm going to steal Mark's camera, and take a picture of the base part (nothing is on it yet, it's seriously just "bare bones" of the project. :) But in my next life/house/mansion whatever you call it, I want to decorate using cabinet doors, I love them so much! They are so cute! You can vinyl on them, draw on them, chalkboard them, Holiday them up, WELCOME, put your last name on them, put BEWARE on them - the possibilities are endless, for reals! I know I am not the first one who has discovered decorating with cabinets, but I think it is such a cute touch to a kitchen! I have seen people decorate with front doors as headboards or coffee tables or shelves, I've seen shudders used as headboards or bow hangers or shelves - I love those too, but I don't have shudders or a front door to do that with. I totally got these filing cabinets for FREE from work - score! So I'm pretty excited to get this project going! :)

Also, in my next life, I will have a dog as cute as the one I have now! We took him to his puppy class and ended up buying him a new toy. I've been wanting to get him a Kong since forever, and we finally bought him one (it was 25% off with out Pet Perks card.) and I put peanut butter in it, and threw it out into the yard. It spun and was like one of those water sprinklers that spins, and the PB went everywhere! Including onto Bandit's head! But he loves that toy! It is so easy to just fill with PB or bananas and then leave or go back to bed - it keeps him busy for about an hour, depending on what I put in it! :) Even Mark likes it, and he was very against it at first, didn't know why we needed one. Now he says it's one of the best toys ever for the Bandit! :)

Love to all - bry and mark

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