Friday, October 30, 2009

Spook my PUMPKIN!

So, Mark and I carved pumkins tonight. It's about time! Mark's pumpkin was getting mushy on top because it froze in the snow and then thawed out... So we kinda had to, plus - TOMORROW IS HALLOWEEN! I cannot believe we waited this long to carve them! I found a good website full of ideas about carving pumpkins, and then I lost it. So, we had to wing it. Mark had very little to work with : he cut out the mushy part of his pumpkin, so it had a big gaping hole in the back (or the side...) of it. So he went with a gunshot wound. He put X's for eyes and made the big hole the blowout. It's pretty cool looking.

And then mine, my sister sent me an email, and it had a cute pumpkin face on it. So I copied it as best I could from memory. Now, my memory is good when it comes to finding things, but not so good when it comes to duplicating pictures. It could be my mind or it could very well be my hands, I'm not what the privilidged called "artistic" - so, yes, I made it up. I think he turned out looking either sick or worried. Oh well, he's still cute/scary for a jack-o-lantern. I took pictures both with the flash and without the flash so you could get the whole visual down. So you can dream about our pumpkins tonight... Yeah.

Anyways, I hid the trick-or-treater candy from Mark, and trust me, it wasn't in a very good hiding spot. Maybe it's just cuz he never goes into any of the closets or maybe cus he doesn't need to, I always get new towels out and new bedsheets out. Yeah pretty sure, he's never gone in that closet. Hmmm.... Well, I even told him that I bought all the candy about 2 or 3 weeks ago, and I was hiding it. He didn't even look for it, I don't think. He's got this craft project on his mind. He's been working on it for a while. It's not really a craft project I guess, but still, it's all he's been thinking about lately. (I seriously will post when it's all said and done, which will be Christmas time.)

Mark's folks are driving to our house this weekend. I'm pretty sure, right this moment they are at a hotel in Rock Springs, though. I-80 is closed due to the giant snowstorm we had here in Denver, and it appears to have gone North. So, we're hoping to see them tomorrow. Our prayers are with them, and their safe travels. Anyways, it's not like the WYO-Highway patrol hasn't had 2 days to clear up the snow out there. Way to drop the ball on that one Wyoming! And you want more funding for your roads why? Cuz you take such good care of them as it is? I think not! Anyways, we just hope they get here safely.

One last picture. Here is the Bandit in the living room looking in on the kitchen as Mark and I carved our pumpkins. He was whining so bad, he just wanted to be with us! It was so cute! His eyes always look so sad, like I have torn his soul in half, but Mark just says his eyes look that way all the time.

Love to all - Bry and Mark

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