Saturday, October 31, 2009

Completed project! Woot woot!

So in my brother and sister-in-law's house, they have The Family: A Proclamation to the World (it's a really amazing statement given from our church leaders) water-marked with a wedding picture. I love it! It is absolutely gorgeous!! I talked with my photographer and they said they did that kind of thing, but after my paying a year after our wedding date, I decided to try something out on my own. I got a bunch of base boards from a guy at work who is remodeling his entire house. So... I had Mark make me a frame. The big huge printer at work, prints onto vellum. I found a printer online that can print my pictures really big!! So - one thing led to another, and I've got the makings of a nice big picture that just cost me about .$50 (that's what it cost to ship that picture to me, all I had to do was pay shipping on the prints-the pictures themselves were FREE! So, I'm pretty excited to get this done (no, I have not completed my Christmas gifts yet, but I'm working on it...slowly I really am!!) All I need to do it sand and paint it, then put the papers on it.

So, I finished sanding and painting the frame. Mark put a hanger wire on the back, and then put the vellum over the picture and then put them both on the frame. (I tried it a few night ago, and ended up cutting the vellum too small! So, I had to reprint the vellum out at work.) I love how this turned out. I'm posting a collage with the pictures, and also one of the original picture under the vellum. LOVE IT!

Mark's folks are on their way from Steamboat Springs. I-80 was still closed East of Rawlins this morning, so they took the way to Steamboat. They should be here soon. :) Yay!!

Love to you- bry and mark

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