Monday, October 5, 2009

Count Choculitis is real!!

So, October is here, and I can now dive into my favorite cereal with NO remorse at all. Count Chocula is freaking amazing!! I am so excited to eat it again! I love it so very much!! Chocolate cereal bits, chocolate marshmallows, and then chocolate milk!! WOW!! Hmm, who knows, maybe I will branch out this year and get some BooBerry, or some FrankenBerry... I might go all daring this year! :)

So, I have been crafting tons (in case you haven't noticed really....) I bought this odd little pumpkin at the Dollar Tree for $1 (what else?!) and I decided I would try to make it aweome. We went over to Ang's and Gerrit's to watch football and conference. And of course, I always bring a craft to do there. (If I don't Angie usually provides a craft!) So I used some of her paint and painted that little pumpkin and the WELCOME part of it and I got this spooky little number! Scary!!

Ooh, and I have to show you the FREE tables we picked up on the side of the road. Just a hint of the idea I had for these tables, I bought some of that Chalk Board paint. So we shall see how that all turns out. Nots: I probably won't start these until I have my BIG project at least started!! But I also have had this cute little stool/table thing since forever. It has been beat up so bad, Mark decided to see how sharp his Snife was on this table, and I have tested pens on this table and it's been broken in half, it has Gorilla Glue coming out all over. I've decided to try to fix it up just a little. I bought some spray paint and I'm thinking about putting some scrapbook paper on it, using the awesome Mod Podge.

I'll post about these crafts once they are done/in the process. There are some Christmas gift crafts that I NEED to start like NOW. So I'm planning on getting those started before I start anything else. I'm hoping to at least.

PS: Watching the PACKERS vs Viqueens game is making me sick... My illness is probably the Favr-itis, completely sick of the man...

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