Sunday, October 18, 2009

Pumpkin Patch yo!

So, Mark and I went to get pumpkins with Angie and the boys yesterday! I love getting pumpkins, it shouts HALLOWEEN IS CLOSE!! I love carving pumpkins and making those funny faces! I am excited to have the pumpkins and I'm already thinking of what I'm putting on my pumpkin. What kind of face do I go with? A scary face? A funny face? I've got no idea which kind of face!! So I'm having fun trying to decide which face to make! I always screw it up though, so I might just have to make one up... Hmm.... Anyways, here's a picture that Angie took for us. There was this mountain of pumpkins that kids were climbing all over, it was prefect for a photo op.

Love - bry and mark

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