Tuesday, October 13, 2009

That meddeling dog!!

I got home from word yesterday around 12:30, we have been having issues with our internet and a tech was coming out to fix it. Well, I got home, and Bandit had torn apart the kitchen again. So, I started taking him to the bathroom (his time-out spot) and I noticed he was shaking and gagging. (He usually shakes when one of us gets home because he's so excited, but I noticed it was a different kind of shaking, and it doesn't last that long!) I instantly got worried once I walked into the kitchen. The old lady that was in the house before we were bought some door-to-door laundry detergent, and when our garbage disposal started leaking last week, everything under the sink got drenched and so we took it out and put it all on the counter. The laundry detergent was "normal" detergent, it was special crap, that had added ingredients and chemicals for "superior stain-lifting power" or something. Well, as soon as we left for work, Bandit saw the opportunity, and tore apart that bag. I freaked out because there was a good amount left in the bag, and I only saw a little in the kitchen (I walked outside and saw the rest) and I thought he ate a ton, but he really didn't. So I took him to the vet's yesterday, and when we got there he was still shaking horribly. So I left him there, they did some charcoal thing, and tried to see if the deteregent could kill him and how to treat him. So, I went home, got the box this stuff came in, thank goodness we didn't take out the trash on Monday like we were supposed to, cuz the box was right on top. And I went home, they told me to come get him around 6:30pm. The internet guy came, and we figured out why my internet is so dang slow. I had the phone line in the wrong jack. TaDa! Speedy internet now! Mark and I went to go get Bandit (the lady asked which dog was ours, I said The one with the beard. She laughed, because it's true!) Well, the Bandit is just fine! He's back to causing trouble (Mark and I put him in the kitchen while we ate dinner, and he crawled UNDER the baby gate, just so he could get into the living room!) Sneaky little Mission Impossible pup! But he's good now, we've got some pills for him to take for a week or so. (Did you know dogs can have Pepcid AC?! Yes, they can, Bandit takes it twice a day!) But we're thinking he's back to his normal Bandit-self. :) I'm glad to go in and get things checked out and find nothing wrong, than to not go in and not have a dog anymore. :) So he is worth every penny we're paying for him! (I'm just glad he was only $100 up front, and not some $400 dog!) But we're glad he's doing ok! I've learned, if I am never going to use something, or there is even a chance I might not use it, I'm throwing it away!! No matter what!

Love to you - bry and mark

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