Monday, October 5, 2009

Fantastical week in the making!!!

So this week has major potential for amazing-ness!! First off: Mark and I decorated for Halloween, and I LOVE HALLOWEEN!! I am so excited to decorate for this holiday!! Second: there's a football game tonight that will be aweomse, no matter who wins. Packers vs. Vikings, and I am so excited to watch this game! Aaron Rodgers is freaking amazing! And this whole rivalry with Grandma Favre means this game is going to be awesome!! (Awesome just like the Montana-Young rivalry back in the day.) I'm excited to watch how the teams react, how they defend their QB's. Oooh! And then on Thursday- Jim and Pam are getting married on The Office!! Finally!! And last but definitely NOT least: I am taking a vacation day on Friday, because I am flying to Dallas to see my sister, Gwen! She is getting married in January (or June, or something...) and I am going to Texas to help her pick out wedding dresses! I am so excited to see her and help her out with this way exciting adventure! I am so happy for her and Greg, and I am so excited to help her out with getting the dress! So, I get Halloween, football madness, TV show magic, a vacation day, to visit a new city, and to help my sister with her dress! I am so excited for this week! (Now, if only I could get my migraines to go away for this week.... or please, just let up a little bit...)

Mark is planning to go hunting again this weekend in Nebraska, he's got that doe tag still, and didn't get anything this past weekend, so he's trying again. :) He's got a whole weekend to shoot something. He might try bow hunting again, or he might take the Bandit and shoot some ducks or something. We'll just have to see. :)

Love always - bry and mark

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Steve & Heather

Sounds like a fun busy weekend. Glad you guys are doing well can't wait to see ya again!