Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Today's snowy adventure with doctors

So, I had another appointment for today. I scheduled for 8 AM again, cuz I figured that was the best time, I didn't have to miss too much work. Well, little did I know that Denver and Green Bay are alot alike : If you don't like the weather wait 15 minutes, and prepare for snow. So, of course, it snowed last night (it's still snowing now, and it's said to continue snowing until tomorrow around 6pm.) and I figured it wasn't that much, and it wasn't where I was, but it was coming from the South. So I jump in my little S10, my little rear wheel drive truck, and head off to the hospital. As I'm driving, I'm wonder why driving sucks so much this year, it wasn't this awful last year! Then it hit me! I drove Mark's truck last year, from the first time it dipped below 30 degrees until I went in for the surgery! So of course it's going to suck! I hate driving my truck in the snow, it's horrible for traction and I slide all over the place. So tomorrow, if work is not cancelled due to a Snow-day, yes that happens at my work, I will be taking his truck! Mine will just sit in the driveway like it did last year. But anyways - back to the adventure. I get there, she runs the usual never tests to see if I can feel everything (I can) and then she runs down the latest ideas to try and how the things I'm on help/don't help. So far, no change with this new medication, but I've only been taking it since Saturday, so we've still got time. Next, she says she'd like to try oxygen at night while I sleep, not forever, just a trial thing, because the sleep study might not be for a while. I say OK-I'm about ready to agree with anything at this point. I told her that the neuro-opthamologist is scheduled for Monday (please no snow!!) and the MRI is scheduled for Tuesday (please no snow!!). So we're getting those things taken care of right away. As for a mood-change due to the new pills, I haven't seen any, unless you count coming home Monday and making cookie dough and frosting, and then coming home Tuesday and making the cookies a mood change. LOL! No, I haven't seen any side effects. Oh, and she does want me to get the Swine Flu shot, apparently younger folks have really harsh sypmtons and side effects of the H1N1 flu, so she recommend I get it, because she doesn't want me to risk all that with the migraines and my heart stuff. So, looks like I gotta find a place that have some of that Swine Flu Vaccine... She helped me out with that too. :) But I am just very happy that things are going in the direction to get the problem solved. It feels like something is getting done, and I like that a whole lot!

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