Sunday, October 4, 2009

Halloween-ify the house!

I love halloween! It is my favorite holiday ever! This year we have a house on a street, I'm excited because I can decorate it, and trick-or-treaters will come!! I went to the Dollar Tree, and was excited because I could finally buy those Halloween decorations I wanted!! I got some window clings (yeah, I'm old school like that) and some of that spider web cotton, and a pumpkin head candy bucket, oh, and I got some barbed wire (note: it clearly is NOT barbed wire, it is hemp string spray painted rusty blood color.) I had Mark cut a hole in the bottom of the pumpkin head bucket, and put that on the porch light. I put the window clings on the front windows, I licked them so they would stick, I wanted people outside to be able to read them. (Cuz SOOO many people walk by and read window clings, I gotta play for that demographic!) And then I spread the spider web all on the front glass door. (NOTE: Never spread the spider webs while wearing your wedding ring, it loves those, OR if you bite your nails, and all your nails are rough edged and have hang nails, it loves those too. I seriously walked away with more of the spiderweb attached to me than to the door!) I also put that 'barbed wire' around the railing that leads to our front door, I'm guessing, in the dark, it totally looks like real barbed wire.... But we are mostly done decorating, I'm waiting for the maple tree out front to start losing it's leaves so I can get those jack-o-lantern leaf bags (yes, I really am THAT lame!) I would like to hang something from that tree, I'm just not sure what right now, I'm checking out things to mark for it, I might just do some ghosties, all I need it white fabric.... not sure not sure not sure.... I will keep everyone posted on all that. (PS: We have our costumes picked out, just need to be made...)

Oh, Mark got back from Nebraska last night, he didn't kill me anything, so we're hoping for better luck next time. He needs to get more arrows for his next trip, but he's got that deer tag, so we're excited for venison!! :) He told me that his knife came in handy, he got stuck in a lake bed that had a road going thru it, and pulled off the road just a big, and sloshed in the muck. He had to cut branches and trees and create levers to get out. Way to go knife!! I'm glad he's home!

love to all - bry and mark

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