Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Octizzard of 2009

Now take into account that I grew in Wisconsin, I've seen snow. I'm not scared of snow, I'm not worried about snow. They have a whole 3 week part of our 9 week driver's ed course to talk about how to drive in the snow. I get it, I know snow. Now, just because I know snow, doesn't mean I like it. I hate snow. Yeah I like how pretty it is, and how it makes everything look. But I hate being cold. I've been cold my entire life, how about some warm?! However, when it snows a foot before Halloween, that's when I don't know snow! I don't like it. Now, I know how to drive, I know how to drive offensively in the snow, I know how to counter a spin on ice. I know how to do all that. But I fear that NO ONE ELSE DOES!! Anyways, Wednesday, I had my doctor's appointment, and I don't like cancelling those, they take forever to reschedule. So I battled the elements and made it to my appointment on time. I then went into work, got some stuff done, then at lunch time, they said it was delcared a snow day, and we could go home. So I went home. I drove my little rear wheel drive truck in the snow, and I hated every minute of it. I went home, cleaned up the house, and finished my Mummy cookies, and played with the little dog (he loves LOVES the snow!!).

When I woke up on Thursday morning, my cold had gotten lots worse. I sent an email to the boss and to the other guys I work with, saying I was staying home sick, I don't want to share my cold. So I then checked my email, downloaded some files, and then sent some out for printing, (I love the internet, it makes work so easy!) And when I went out to play with the pup, I looked at Mark's truck and got an idea of how much snow had fallen on the Collards!! Mark's truck doesn't usually go anywhere, he's got his work truck, and I have my little truck. So his just sits in the driveway most days. So look how much snow is on top of that truck! I'm pretty sure we got about a foot of snow! I can tell you, his truck will not just be sitting there for the winter. In the snowy season, his truck trades places with mine. I will be driving his 4-wheel drive truck to and from work until all this white stuff thaws!

I'm pretty bummed that Halloween got snowed on, I love halloween alot, and I'm pretty excited about trick-or-treaters coming to the house. :) We'll have to see the turn-out this year. Also, Mark's parents are drving out to help some friends move. We'll have to see if the highways up in Wyoming open back up. We're excited to see them!! We're hoping all goes well on the drive here. Love.

Love to all - bry and mark

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