Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Week 5 Fantasy Football

Mark : 97 (2-3)
Bry : 83 (2-3)

Mark and I both won our games this past week!! Woot woot! We're both 2-3 now. Mark totally spanked his opponent, 97-20, and I beat my opponent, 83-73. We didn't watch any of the games really, Mark was in Nebraska shooting things and I was in Texas with my sister. So no football for us this weeked, however, it was pretty nice to not be stressed and watching the fantasy points the entire game.

I got offered a trade for QB's, and I may not like Favre at all, but I was seriously considering accepting the trade, until I saw his points for the past few games, and his upcoming games. I declined, I like Philip Rivers as a QB, and he's been good to me so far (not counting the Raiders game...)

We'll have to see how to we do this week, we haven't set up our lineups yet, but we'll just have to see. :)

Love- bry and mark

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