Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Week 6 Fantasy football

Week 6:

Bry: 63 (2-4)
Mark : 80 (2-4)

So this week, none of my teams did what they were picked to do! I was projected to beat Gerrit by 47 points! HA! Yeah right! I was so excited because I was picked to win, DENIED! Mark had a bunch of guys on BYE week, so his line up was not what he wanted it to be. He lost too, so the brothers Dirkmaat totally beat the Collards. They knocked up both down to 2-4. It was pretty ugly, but not as ugly as the Bronco's throwbacks..... LOL!!

We're hoping for wins this next week, we haven't set up the lineups yet, but we're crossing out fingers.

love-bry and mark

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