Friday, October 23, 2009

Leaves!! and a monster!!

So, I'm pretty excited that we have a yard. And even more excited that we have trees! Well, A TREE. But still, I like it alot! It means I have leaves to rake up, and something to hang things from (like ghosties, or bird feeders, or Christmas ornaments...) YAY! So, I bought some of those old school leaf bags that are orange and havea jack-o-lantern face on them. (Yeah, cuz that's how I roll, yo) and I came home yesterday and started raking. Once I started I was thinking - Oh, I should call Angie, she said she wanted pics of the boys in leaves... And I had Bandit outside, so all the neighbors came over, and he went nuts, so I had to wrangle the mutt, and I forgot to call her. BUT! Have no fear! She called me and asked about leaves. So she brought the boys over, and it was so funny to watch them! I picked Kai up and put him right in the middle of the pile of leaves, he didn't like it as first, but as soon as Ryker started throwing some in the air, Kai giggled non-stop! It was so funny! Kai learned he could throw the leaves at Ryker, and he made the cutest little coo sound, I don't know how else to explain it. It was so cute! After the boys were done jumping and throwing, Angie helped me put the leaves into my *awesome* pumpkin bags, which are now sitting on the sidewalk in front of my house. (A paved walk is right in front of the flowerbeds at my house, so I put the bags there...spooky, right?!) It was alot of fun! I took the pictures of Bandit before they got there, he went crazy shortly after. He liked chomping the leaves out of the air, and crawling (yes, he crawls/sneaks around, like army style for a dog....) around in the pile. It was pretty cute. (The pictures are taken with my new phone, pretty good pics for a cell!)

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