Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Conference PodCast! Woot!

So, even though Mark and I went over to Gerrit and Angie's to listen to conference, and we get the Ensign magazine everymonth, I subscribe to the PodCast (for free!) and get the new conference edition every 6 months. (I also get the current Ensign edition on PodCast.) How awesome is it that I opened my iTunes Monday morning, to find the General Conference PodCast was ALREADY downloaded to my iTunes?! It was almost instantaneous! I love it! So I synced conference (and some books) to Mark's brick of an iPod, and he can ride around all day listening to it. So not only do we get the live internet feed and live satalite feed when the talks are being given, we also get the written word edition AND the PodCast to listen anytime we want to! I am so excited! We are so very blessed to live in a day and age where we can get the Prophets' words in so many ways! I feel so blessed for a husband who hands me his iPod and asks me to sync the Conference talks onto it! Some one who will read with me, the words they have spoken! So grateful for these men and the words they give us! (Plus, on the PodCast, you can totally skip the songs if you want to!! I like to listen to the music all at once, not mixed in the middle of the talks.) Yay!

Always, bry and mark

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