Sunday, October 25, 2009

Look what I made!!

So, I found something something to do with those filings cabinets! (Well, I have realy found ALOT to do with them...) Michelle was looking for something for her girls' artwork. I tore apart one filing cabinet (partly for a Christmas present, partly cuz I needed to tear it apart for the Christmas present.) So I saw at a friend's house these cute little "Look what I made" artwork boards. So I after I tore apart a filing cabinet, I had 3 sides left after I got what I needed for the present. I had pink and purple spray paint and stars. I bought some bulldog clips and some cute little letters. So I helped Michelle make boards! They are so dang cute. I put a chalkboard in the middle of these two cute art boards! These were so mcuh fun to make! I'm excited to make another of these boards for Angie and one for the SIL's litte girl on the way. :) These boards turned out supre cute! Here is a picture of the finished project! (Well, almost finished, I just need to touch up the trim a bit and then we're good to go!)

Love - bry and mark