Sunday, October 11, 2009

Deep in the heart of Texas...

So, I flew to Dallas on Friday, my sister lives in Abilene, Texas, and she's getting married next year. I flew out to help her pick out wedding dresses! We found one, and it's absolutely gorgeous!! It was alot of fun to hang out with her this weekend, and to go shopping with her! It was tons of fun to see here again, last time I saw her was when she was moving out here in July, and that was the last family on my side that I've seen lately. But Texas was colder than I thought it would be, I guess there was a big cold snap in the west this weekend, Denver got some snow! I'm glad I missed that. I saw some Texas Longhorns, not the football team, but the actual animal, they are freaking huge! Also, I'm not such a fan of Texas highways, they are all kinds of confusing, and they don't have on/off ramps like the rest of the country (I've been to) they off ramp onto a frontage road, and then onramp back to the highway a little ways down, but the frontage road is still there, it really makes it so darn confusing, I'm glad I wasn't driving. But it'll be good to be home.

This weekend is the longest Mark and I have been apart since we got married, we have spent 1 night apart since June 19th, 2008. But it was going to spent apart no matter where I was, because Mark went hunting in Nebraska all weekend. No luck this time, but he's planning on going out over the next few weeks when it changes from bow season to rifle season out there. (His tag is for the entire doe season, bow, rifle, muzzleloader, bow, rifle. So, he's definetly going to get something during rifle. :) Mark went with a guy from work, Brandon, and while we were both gone, I wasn't sure what to do with the mutt-face, I was thinking of asking some friends to just stop over and check on him, but her husband went out of town, and Mark said he's just leave a ton of food out for Bandit. But, Mark asked Brandon if he could leave Bandit at his house, Brandon has dogs, and his wife said she'd watch him. That so freaking nice and awesome! So, I was able to come out here and not worry about a thing! Awesome!! I didn't get pictures, my camera is still dead... I'm hoping maybe for Christmas... (Mark--HINT HINT!!)

Love to all - Bry and Mark

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