Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Week 4 Fantasy Football

Mark : 51 (1-3)

Bry : 70 (1-3)

So, Greg Jennings did not perform as intended. Dang you Grandma Favre! Although, I did have a good week. I sat my Lions Defense, and put in the Panthers Defense, I know the Panthers had a bye week, but I put them in to take a big fat goose egg (0) rafther than take an awesome -5 with the Lions. So things worked out better than it could have turned out. Mark's team did ok, he's learning that the Titan's defense is not good, but I think he picked good for next week. We'll just have to see.

Love to all - bry and mark

One last thing : As for all of those who don't like my treatment of Brett Favre, I don't care, I'll like people when I want to. Brett Favre made bad decisions in his football career, first, he retired, 2nd, he didn't retire, 3rd, he retired, 4th he unretired again! Make up your mind for reals. I liken it to this : Say girl and boy are dating, and he says, I'm gonna marry you. But then he decided nope, I'm out, I'm not marrying you. So girl starts dating another boy, a younger one who has liked girl for 3 years. But once girl dates new boy and finds out she likes him, old boy comes back and says, ok I'm ready to marry you now! Girl says, Um no, I've got this new boy, and I really like him and I'm not going to ditch him. So old boy pouts and decides to go for a new girl in a new location and everything, Too bad old boy cannot make up his mind, and has switched girls 3 times in 3 years, but, he keeps going for a sexier, hotter girl, and the last one he picked just happened to be the girl from across the street who is a major snob and a mean girl, the first girl's archnemesis, if you will. And, no girl and boy were NOT married! They just had a lot of fun together and had some really good times. But, when she moved on, he hated it! He got jealous and turned into a baby! So - No, I don't like Brett Favre, sure, he's a good player and he's still got the skills, but I think he's kind of a jerk for thinking the Packers were going to drop Rodgers to pick him back up and do what he wanted. He's such a diva. So, you can all stop trying to defend that man to me, cuz I am not chaning my opinion!!

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