Friday, October 23, 2009

Migraine update

So, I got a phone call from the doctor today. She asked how the baby aspirin has been working. I told her I have noticed no change at all to my headaches, and they are still as frequent and as painful as they were before. So, she scheduled me for a nuero-opthamalogist (nuerologist eye doctor) appointment. They also scheduled a sleep study (where they put on EKG and those little nodes on my heart, to see if I'm getting enough oxygen while I sleep. She wants to set up another MRI with a different type of contrast so they can see the blood vessels around my heart and brain. They are also going to get me on some different pills, to see if they effect the migraines in any way. So, we're back to trying things again. I both happy and sad that the aspirin didn't work on my headaches because if it had worked, that would have meant my circulatory system was causing my headaches, and that might have lead to (more) open heart surgery; but sad that my headaches are still here.... So, I'm very glad that we've got all this scheduled because it felt like I was at a stand-still for a while. I know that I was on the aspirin, but it still felt like nothing was being done. So YAY for appointments and progression. I'm hoping at least one of these tests deliver results, even just a little, because that would mean a step in the right direction, and more things would come out of that little step. :) So I'm pretty excited about the latest news! Thank you for everything that you all have been doing and helping me out! Thank you so much!

Love to all - bry and mark

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