Wednesday, October 14, 2009

What a Sick oooooo!

So (almost) everybody in my office is sick! Coughing, sneezing, blowing noses, throwing up, all kinds of good stuff like that! I have been sitting next to the Sick Guy, he coughes and blows his nose and coughes some more. I told him to go home (no I don't have that athority) but I do NOT want to get sick!! Ugh! I have been slathering on the Hand Sanitizer stuff like it's going outta style, and I have been washing my hands, I'm not even touching my face with my hands, and just today I have started wearing one of those doctor masks (yeah, it's that bad!)!! I'm not getting sick cuz some loser figured they'd be tough and deal with coughing at work. Sorry, that does NOT fly with me! Sure, I come to work when I'm not feeling the best, but mine is different. Different how, you ask? My "not feel good" days are MIGRAINES!! You cannot catch my headache like I can catch your flu or cold. Sorry, drive thru. If I get sick I am going to be so mad! I don't want what they all have. By they all, I mean the entire engineering department, yes ENTIRE! They are all not here today, because one guy brought it in, used the microwave right after coughing, and the temp girl nuked her food and started bitting her nails! HA! I bet that guy thought he wasn't "that sick!" I don't care if I look like a dork in my mask, I will be the only one at work who is NOT sick! :P I am so glad I have my own phone, my own desk area, my own computer, I don't really share anything. And I also have my own bottle of the hand sanitizer, BAM! All mine! No touchy! And I'm not all that worried about Swine Flu (H1N1) I'm not really in the demographic that catches that, but I'm more worried about getting sick, getting better and then sick again, cuz my immune systems has been fighting from getting sick and is weak! I'd rather not get sick the first time! So, yeah, I go home and make sure Mark and I both take some Echinechea/Golden Seal, and some multi-vitamins. I'm not worried about getting sick at home, cuz I know who is there, and I know how we both feel, at least he tells me. Here at work, I'm worried, I don't know everybody and I don't know how everyone feels. So yeah, work kinda sucks right now cuz everybody is sick! I just want them all to go home, get better then come back to work when they aren't coughing, wheezing, blowing noses or sneezing, yeah come back then!

To health - bry and mark

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