Thursday, May 13, 2010

300 and hungry

So this is my 300th post!! So excited! It's freaking crazy! I can't believe this is the 300th post, I have written so much! How have you all read this?!

I have been hungry all day! I was hungry all day yesterday, and I ate a ton!! I ate breakfast yesterday, I had boneless BBQ wings and a bacon deluxe single combo from Wendy's, and then I had Shark bring me a KFC Bowl while on his way home from work. I ate all day! But I was still hungry! And even today, I'm starving!! I've eaten lots, and I'm still starving!! I have no idea what's happening!! I have been starving, and all I can do is eat and eat and eat!!

I got my eyes checked today. My sight has gotten worse, the Dr. said. Worse?! I got the glasses to have it get better!! But, I ordered my contacts and they should be in in about a week. I went to the eye doc in the Target, so I walked around the Target and bought some food for the weekend and next week. So I'm hoping to get some food in the works. I also need to get cracking on making a dessert for this month.

I've been working lots with the Cricut, and figuring new stuff out with it, and cutting all kinds of stuff. Hopefully I'll be showing you what I've got. I'm also hoping to get the Esty store up with a few things. I've been making some more things for it, I just need to finish them and post them. I also need to get set up with FedEx so I can ship the stuff. (I hear FedEx is the cheapest!!)

POTD for 5.13.10 is : Our dart guns! I bought some dart guns from the $1 section in Target, and had a "war" with Shark once he got home. I totally killed him, at least twice, but he killed me at least 3 times... So technically he won...

Love to all who love Target, for no particular reason.

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~Ryan and Ashlee~

On an average day, I can consume large amounts of food. When I was prego, I was consuming my body weight in food! I am thinking that's your problem! Ha Ha, enjoy your food:)