Thursday, May 6, 2010

Funny little dog legs

So many people have noticed how one of the Bandit's legs lift off the ground when he sits. Well, my cute little broken doggie was sitting next to me yesterday with both of his back legs off the ground. It made me chuckle.

He sat there and waited like a good little dog. He sat so far back on his tail that his legs were sticking up. I thought it was the cutest thing (when I have kids, I'll think EVERY LITTLE THING is the cutest ever!!)

Tonight we watched a movie (Shark got home halfway thru) we watched AeonFlux, which I had never seen, but enjoyed. Shark and I stayed up late talking, we haven't been able to just talk for the longest time, and we didn't have to worry about waking up early! Shark is on 4-10s now, so he gets Friday off at the Abatement. And I go to work around noon most days, so it'll be nice to sleep in and eat breakfast together!! So excited!!

POTD for 5.6.10 is : The Bandit's legs off the floor! So cute! Such an odd little pup!

love to all who love the little things in life ♥

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