Thursday, May 20, 2010

Jam to Tunes

So, with my unlimited web pack, I uploaded the Pandora radio app {go to Pandora to get it on your computer!!} and when I wake up I put on one of my stations {Paramore, Jack Johnson, or Weezer} and jam out, and dance my way to get ready. It's been pretty fun in the morning.

Lately, I have been wanting some Bermuda shorts.... I've little chicken legs, popsicle stick legs, what ever you want to call them, but I have come to discover {I've known for a long time actually} that my legs do NOT look good in shorts of any kind. But I still want some bermudas, so maybe I'll go to the DI tonight, to go drop off some stuff, and get some frames {yes, another Idea!!} and I'll pick up a pair of shorts.  Which reminds me, I also need to get a jumbo muffin tin, Wal-Mart did NOT have any!!

I've been putting ringtones and little sounds on my phone. My text message alert is the Autobot sound. Gwen's song is : Achemed the Dead Terrorist saying "Silence... I kill you" Tim's is The Doom song from Invader Zim, my mom and dad's ring is : the Pink Panther, Shark's ring is Weezer "I want you to" My In-Law's ring is The Big Bang Theory song. :) I've got more ringtones, so as people call, I'll get them their own.... My general ringtone is The Office theme.

Well - work was good today. Shark is fogging tonight, so it's just me! I'm making my craft, you know, the one with the paper that I cut..... Well, since I have to do 2 things at once, and my phone can only last so long when I listen to music on it, I put in a movie. {I recently bought Seven Pounds off the internet, I liked the movie quite a bit, it hit a little close to home when we watched it the first time (the main female character, Rosairo Dawson, has congenital heart failure) so I figured it would be a while before we watched it again...} But I heard a noise when I started watching the movie, and I thought it was Bandit. When the movie was done, I was getting ready for bed, and I went into the bathroom to take my contacts out, and I went in to fix the filter for the turtle tank, and I looked and there was NO TURTLE!! I jumped out of the bathroom, and called Shark. I took Bandit in there to try to sniff Chomps out, no luck. Finally, I was looking on the shelf, to see where he could have gone, there was no water on the floor... and nothing on the shelf was tipped over. I got to the end of the shelf, and THERE! Peeking at me over the washclothes, was Chomps! I got a utitlity glove from the toolbox, swatted him with a washcloth (he ducked his head back into his shell) and picked him up and dropped him back in his tank! I called Shark again, and he laughed and said that was a good plan of attack and that I'm very brave for grabbing the turtle that wants to eat my fingers... :)

POTD for 5.20.10 is : Chomps hanging out by the washcloths!! Look at those claws, I don't want that thing lose in the basement!!

Love to all who have lost something and they were scared... ♥