Friday, May 21, 2010


Today, Shark woke up at the butt-crack of dawn, not unusual, just odd cuz today is Friday, he doesn't work at the abatement on Fridays.... But him and Steve were going to go fishing. Shark came home around 7:30 cuz the gate was closed on his fishing place... So we slept in until around 9:30 when we both jumped out of bed (ok, rolled out of bed) to get ready to go the temple. {Goal #12 : Go to the Temple at least once per month} and we made it to the Bountiful temple. There were all kinds of weddings going on today, which is always nice to go see... It reminds me of our day. ♥

Here's a picture of the Bountiful temple, I took this snapshot while standing in the middle of the road, and with my phone. And the flowers lining the "driveway" were absolutely gorgeous. There were 2 kinds I loved, tulips that looked like venus-fly-traps (they looked like they had teeth) <--- POTD.

And some red and white tulips.

POTD for 5.21.10 is : Temple flowers!! Look how awesome these are!

So far so good! Today has been a great day! I was a scorekeeper and supervisor for boys baseball tonight. The frist 2 games went off without a hitch, we had some coach come up and ask when we would cancel once it started to rain. I told him what I knew : We only cancel due to lightning and a dangerous infield. If there is NO lightning, then we continue playing until the infield becomes too slick and unsafe for the kids. We got about half way thru the 3rd game when the infield became too slick, so we postponed the end of that one. Shark came over to see me and his mom after work.

Love to all who love beautiful things ♥

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