Sunday, May 16, 2010

walking the doggies

Michelle - You can read my blog ONCE you get a package from Angie. She is under orders to give you something. Also, you have to give her your "list" of pregnant ladies... because I don't know all of them. But she knows more about that. Once you get your package, you can read my blog thru and thru!!

So, Shark and I have tried to go to a Young Married Ward, we were shot down. They have dissolved the YMW in Ogden (maybe all of UTAH!!) and requested the young familes go to the ward in their boundaries, those wards need the talent and youth that these familes have to offer. So, we are going to Steve & Heather's ward. They have church at 1! It's so nice to be at late church again. However, I can't really sleep past 10 or so... If I do, I usually end up with a headache at night... And, since I have a goal to walk the Bandit every weekend, we have decided to walk the dogs before church on Sunday. There is a park that is 2 blocks from the house, with a walking track, drinking fountain, and plenty of trees for shade. We brought some tennis balls, and we threw them all over the place. The dogs were worn out by the time we got half way around the park. Shark and I had a good time walking around with eachother and hanging out. :)

When I got home, I was snapping pictures with the puppy, and I got this one!

POTD for 5.16.10 is : me and the Bandit.

Love to all who love doing things with other people. ♥

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