Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Natural Highlights

So, I decided to try going for natural highlights, rather than just dying my hair blonde again. (I have the hair dye, if my plan fails, but I hope it works.) I bought some Sun-In Hair Lightening spray... I sprayed some in this morning. And I'm crossing my fingers. I think I went too light on the spray tho, my best friend in high school tried it and sprayed too much on her hair and ended up being like platinum blonde. I didn't want to shock my hair blind, so I was light on the spray. I blowdried it (the bottle says it's heat activated or something) and will wait a few days to see how it goes.
Also, in the natural wave of things : I just made my first Pre-Order!! (Shark's family pre-ordered the final Fablehaven book, and I'm pretty sure the pre-ordered the final Harry Potter book...) But I pre-ordered something awesome!! Super Mario Galaxy 2!! I'm so excited for 2 to come out! The game was set to be released 4th quarter of last year, but they didn't want to overshadow New Super Mario Bros Wii. So they decided to seperate the release dates.

I am so very excited for this game. I loved the first Mario Galaxy, and I am putting alot of hope into the new one. :) This new game means lots of game time for Shark and I, we beat the first game together and I'm hoping to beat the new one together! ♥

Oh, so the Dollar Tree is selling long stem roses for $1 (duh girl) so I bought one, with Shark's money! He's so thoughtful!! ♥ And then today I decided to make some little brag books... Not that I have anything to brag about, no kids yet, and pictures of my dog would look kinda funny in a little book like that.

POTD for 5.5.2010 is : the little brag books :) I put the words RBAG BOOK on them in different fotns (oh I love my Cricut).

Love to all who like weird things ♥♥

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