Saturday, May 8, 2010

I am Ironman

So, today Shark went huntin at 5am (remember I'm not a morning person!) and then Bandit was awake and all excited cuz Shark put on his hunting pants. Well, it took Bandit about an hour to settle down and go back to sleep. I woke up at 8am anyways, and tried really hard to go back to sleep. I did, until around 10. Then I woke up for good, and took my little dog to Home Depot and PetSmart. (They let dogs into the Depot, which I am happy about.) Bandit did NOT like being in the cart at all, and jumped out of it as soon as it starter moving. So we walked into the Depot. I picked up my checks from the training I did, and stopped to check out the Oops! Paint. No luck in finding any color worth painting (all beige or pink...) so Bandit and I ran over to PetSmart. That is a store that Bandit can go in no matter what. :) We picked out a new collar for him, I couldn't find his old one anywhere I looked (the parent's house, our house, the room) so I just bought him a new one. And while we were there, I bought some more feeder fishes for the turtle. He loves fishes. And the fish are cheaper at PetSmart than at Wal-Mart. And then we went home. Shark got home around 1pm. Then we went to see Iron Man 2! We went with the whole family, for Mother's Day. It was a great movie. I liked it alot. (If you go see it, watch all the way past the credits!! It leads into another movie!) Then we went to The Pizza Factory for food. Shark and I rode the motorcycle. It was fun, but I freaked out at every turn. I like the Motorcycle salute. All cyclists salute eachother when passing, I think it's pretty cool.

POTD for 5.8.2010 is : Bandit's new collar!! Look how masculine he looks!!

LOVE to all who love movies ♥

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