Friday, May 28, 2010

Blaze and dogs

Today, I woke up when Shark woke up for work. Yeah, at 5:30! ugh! I could NOT go back to sleep for te life of me. So I sat up and played on my phone for a while, then I went back to sleep, only to have some CRAZY dreams for another hour, and then I finally woke up. I took Bandit to his vet appointment today, he was so calm and good for the doctor. They all commented on how well behaved he was. {I told them it was cuz last time he went to the vet, they knocked him out to stitch his leg, or how about everytime we take him they have to put a thermometer in his butt!} He didn't even take the dog treat they gave him at the beginning! He's a pretty cute dog. There was another dog there, and they didn't have him vaccinated, and they said to keep Bandit away cuz they don't want to get our little dog sick, I chuckled and said "Oh, he has all his vaccines, he's over a year old." He's just so small! He also looks like he has to grow some more, his paws are big and he looks like he's a young pup. But he's full grown. I think he's a little dog, but according to weight charts, he's a large dog. :)

While I was at the PetSmart, I picked up some fishes for the turtle. I got 20 of them for him, hopefully he'll stay in his dang tank this week!!! So, when I left, Chomps was chowing on some fishes, it shouldn't be that hard for him today, he's got nothing in his tank {but a big rock} to hinder him. We took everything out of the tank so he stomps climbing out!

Well, after PetSmart, I took some CD's out to Shark's work. While I was there, Shark told me that Paul would have his wirehair at the Abatement. So Bandit and Shadow were running around all over the place. Bandit's favorite game is chase, so when Shadow had the ball and was running away with it, Bandit was having the time of his life. I bought Bandit a new ball from PetSmart {he looked so sad when the dr was checking him out....} and I was throwing the ball around for Bandit and Shadow, and they ran and ran and ran! After a while, I noticed there were spots of blood on the ground. I was checking the feet, and the pads on my little dog's feet were shredded! So, I took him home, and was thinking of a way to make sure no blood got on Steve & Heather's floor. Then I got an idea! Diapers!

So, this is what my little dog looked like. 3 of his paws were bleeding, he had ground his nails down to his paws, and the pads on his feet were shredded. But only 2 of his feet were still bad and bleeding when we got home. he walked so funny, like he was trying to shake off the diapers with each step! I left to get dog food, and by the time I came back, the Bandit had chewed off the front diaper, go figure. I checked his foot, he was fine.

I went to a Utah Blaze game tonight. The Utah Blaze is an AFL team, but they recently got bought by a new company, because the AFL was going under, so all games ceased, and we're lucky our team got bought and the new owner is keeping the same name and place, we're glad the Blaze are still in Utah!! The game was awesome! I loved it! I was so close to getting a shirt, it was falling right at me, and I reached up to snag it, and someone else got a finger on it, and it got knocked off course. So close... Oh well! It was still lots of fun!

After the game, we went to Olive Garden, cuz me and Dave were starving. We bought Shark some food, and got a to-go box. He ate all of it! And said it was delicious!

POTD for 5.28.10 is : Blaze football!

Love to all who love their pets and love them some sports!!

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