Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Making stuff!!

So I was looking at some craft blogs and I got all kinds of cute ideas popping into my head. I saw one idea from Sister's Stuff. And I started cutting paper and getting ready to make a new project! I'm so excited to get this project going. :) There are tons of cute blogs around that I love getting ideas from. Trust me, there are tons of cute things in my "queue" and believe me, I wish I could just go and get it all done, but I have no money to make all my stuff, and no time!

POTD for 5.19.10 is : my paper all cut and ready to be created into a project!!

This project is going to be way cute {if it turns out the way I see it in my head!} and I'm way excited to make this.

Nothing really major has been going on. Just work for both me and Shark. I got trained to be a scorekeeper for baseball at the park next to the city building. And this week, they are going to make me a supervisor over baseball, well, one of them. So that's pretty awesome. It's been raining lots here, so games have been cancelled quite a bit. But we're hoping to get out there and play some games. I've also had some evenings to go home and make dinner. I still love cooking, but with games starting at 5 and going almost 'till 10:30pm, I hardly have time to eat, which is awful for me, I love food!!!

Love to all who LOVE making cute things!!

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