Wednesday, May 12, 2010

movies and crafts

So I bought a birthday calendar off ebay. The calendar was great! But I got impatient, and started decorating it like a 3 year old. Seriously, I got out my stickers and my markers and made it look like I decorated it in 1st grade! I was so sad that my cute little birthday calendar was ruined and it was all my fault. So... I bought another one from the the same seller off ebay... {She must wonder what I'm doing!} And this time, I did it right! I printed off words and little pictures off my Cricut (my own sticker machine!!) and when I got my new birthday calendar in the mail (yesterday) I started putting the new awesome stickers on!

And I think it turned out cute! Now just to add all the birthdays!!

So, I bought all those movies the other day. And we started watching them. Not just 1 of them, but like all of them! We watched Chaos Theory last night, and it really was pretty good! I liked it! Ryan Reynolds is in it, and he plays this OCD guy who has his life made into lists. If it's not on his list, he doesn't do it, he doesn't have time. One day his wife turned the clock ahead (thinking she gave him 10 more minutes, instead she gave him 10 less minutes) and his whole day goes wrong and everything starts to fall apart! It's a pretty good movie.

POTD for 5.12.10 is : 3 pages of my birthday calendar.

love to all who take risks - like buy movies without seeing them.

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