Saturday, May 22, 2010

Robin Hood And Bowling

We went and watching Robin Hood with the parents.

I also created 1 of my useful crafts! It's my useful craft for May!! I made a Tipsy Planter. I saw this planter on a blog I stalk called Dollar Store Crafts, it's pretty much the best thing ever. I know I don't even have a house, but I wanted to make this planter for my SIL, cuz she likes cute things. So, I set out today to make this. After a while, it didn't seem like I would be able to accomplish my goal, with all the hanging out we were doing with everybody.... Plus, my Super Mario Galaxy 2 came today, I had to put it away in order to get this planter done. Hopefully tomorrow we'll be able to crack it open and get some gaming in. It's a little wobbly looking, but still way cute. I put a bunch of cute little pinwheels in the pots, it adds lots of color!! :)

We went bowling with Smitty & Polo. Shark and I found a photo-booth, and it is one of my goals {#98} to get a photobooth picture taken each month. Well, we found one at the bowling alley. And of course had to get some taken! Bowling was fun, but surprisingly expensive. We bowled for an hour, we got in 2 games. I totally rocked the 2nd game, I got 132!! Awesome. I'm usually awful at bowling.

POTD for 5.22.10 is : Our photobooth pictures. Mainly, the one on the bottom : Smitty's creeper eyes coming into the picture. I do love Shark's laugh in the 3rd one....

Love to those who laugh and laugh and laugh! ♥

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