Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Get your sport on

One thing I would like to do with this blog, is make it more personal for our family. I know I'm posting everyday about what goes on, and also a POTD, which makes it fun, but I want to share personal thoughts and ideas about our life. I don't know if I'm making sense, because the blog IS personal, but lately I've been just posting about the POTD and that's it. The thing is, all either of us really do is work. I haven't really had alot of time to craft or really get anything done. Sorta. I've had a little bit of time, but not enough to get things to get finished. I want to share everything that happens with us. Granted, I've been doing that, but I feel like the blog has been just POTD's and "Oh hey, we worked today. Goonight." I'd like to share more about our life together, with out little dog, than just work. I'm still planning on crafting, cuz I have to craft, but I'll be writing about more than just crafts, work and sleeping.

Our little dog has been looking so sad at us lately. We haven't done anything with him. Monday he was sniffing at the bathroom door, and scratching at it. And Heather asked me what Bandit wants in the bathroom? I opened the door and Bandit walked in, looked in the tub, sniffed at it, and looked at me, as if to say : Where's the Boy? I walked over and scratched his butt and sat down on the sofa and petted him for a while. I feel bad that he's been lonely at the house lately, it doesn't help that if I would get up earlier, I could take him for a walk, but I'm just lazy... I really want to take him for a walk every weekend, he needs it. M-W-F I've been working late cuz I scorekeep/supervise those days. And when I get home after work on Tues/Thursday, all I want to do is craft or wind down and play Nintendo. I'm going to try to make a better effort to give my little dog attention. He is MY dog, I made Shark drive to Arizona with me to get him, I wanted him, he really is mine. I feel bad that I don't spend enough time with him.

Also, I need to clean, badly. Our little living space looks awful. I need to clean the bathroom... Ugh, this is turning into a list of things to do.

I found a blog today that made me cry.... It's called No Greater Gift, and I fell in love with it because her little boy Charlie just went thru open heart surgery. And let me tell you, he is THE cutest little guy!! The blog is by his mom E, and E posted some pictures of his surgery, and all that he went thru. It brought memories around, of pictures from my first one, and instantly brought memories from my surgery last year. I think it is amazing how close everyone really is, how connected we really are. It's also kinda funny how I found E's blog. I went to U-Create, and clicked on a link to Under the Table and Dreaming, where I clicked on a Link-Up to No Greater Gift {#14 link}, on NGG, E has pictures of her little man with the "Zipper" scar, instantly I dove deeper to find out more! I love feeling connected to people, to be able to share things with people.

Today is starting out overcast, cloudy, threatening rain.... But no rail dropped on our games. Steve and Heather were are the softball complex, Steve played with his team at 8 or so. Steve got my camera back from Brian {I left it in his car about a month or so ago!} I got home around 10 or so, and snuggle right in with Shark. We have turned Steve & Heather into gamers, they were up playing Super Mario Galaxy. They're pretty funny!

POTD for 5.26.20 is : my camera! I am so happy to have it back! yayayay!

Love to all who live life and love it.