Sunday, May 2, 2010

babies all around

So today, we went to a baby blessing for Shark's friends, Bubba and Traci. They have the cutest little boy. {Ok, I know I've been saying everybody's baby is THE cutest, it could possibly be because I am baby hungry, and I want one, but who really knows, maybeall these babies really are the cutest?!!} The blessing was beautiful, and the food was freaking awesome!! Ooh, I also got some more ideas for crafts while in the meeting today.... Now, just to make those ideas become real. It seems like everybody has babies lately, or is pregnant. {Yeah, Ladies in Colorado, I mean YOU!!} Shark and I are officially trying to get pregnant. Lately it's just been cross your fingers, granted, we haven't been trying that long. But I looked up some tips online, cuz, come on, it IS one of my goals, to get pregnant! :)

I've got all kinds of ideas on new things to make for little ones. Cute blankets, quiet books, iSpy bags, magnets, bean bags, stuffed animals, wall decorations. I LOVE IT! I'm so excited!! Today wil sitting in the meeting, after the baby blessing, I got a distinct feeling of need, yearning, love, so much that I had started to tear up. It almost felt like I did when I moved back to Wisconsin, and homesick for Utah, it felt like homesickness. I'm not really sure how to explain it. It sorta felt like when Shark is gone on hunting trips and I'm left all alone in the house. I'm not really sure. But I felt it very strong, twice, during that meeting. So, we're ready to get cracking!! ;)

POTD for 5.02.2010 : Steve told Shark a secret: if we want kids, we have to plant these.

Love to all who love gardening!! ♥

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