Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Blah Bleh

Today is nothing special at all. Really. Just work, registering people, making stickers. I even brought some stickers to make at work, I got those done before lunch!

Today Shark is fogging tonight, so I am going over to the parent's house to catch up on LOST. I got mostly caught up, all I have left to watch is the Finale. I'll watch that one later I guess. BUT - Shark found out the ending on the radio Monday morning, I had to promise him NOT to tell me! I've heard little things, but general things, so no giveaways.

While watching LOST, I had to do something, so I crafted. I made a Photo Rubiks Cube for my sister. I needed something to do, or else I bite my fingernails. I like making things, and I had really wanted to make a Rubik cube for my sister's wedding. I'm glad I got it done.

Shark was fogging in Clinton tonight, and our truck got fogged by his buddy Pickup, I told him to give Pickup some crap about fogging our truck.

POTD for 5.25.10 is : the Rubiks cube I made for my sister.

Love to all who are addicted to some TV show or another.... The Office, Big Bang Theory, Community, LOST, Burn Notice.....

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