Sunday, May 23, 2010

Mario on Sunday

We got Super Mario 2 yesterday. We played a little yesterday before hanging out with Smitty & Polo, Smitty was a little late getting home. And today we played lots and lots. We played before church, and then when I got home from church, I played lots! I love that game!

We played Pictionary Man with Heather & Steve. Little Whitney is a little dare-devil. She was in her swing, and I would hold the swing up on the side, and she would just giggle. She is such a cute little baby! The game was pretty fun, we enjoyed playing a family game with Steve & Heather. I think Shark and I counted it as FHE, becuase we played a game, and made a treat - PIZZA!

Shark and I made a pizza together, we put pepperoni, mushrooms and tons of cheese on it! All I got was a before picture, Shark ate it too fast for me to get an after picture. I love the pizzas we make, with the mushrooms and the pepperoni. Mmmhmmm! We added tons and tons of cheese. :)

POTD for 5.23.10 is : our amazing looking pizza!

Love to all who like hanging with family. ♥

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