Friday, May 14, 2010

Snooze Friday

So today, Shark doesn't have to work until 5! Which means we get to sleep in! I'm so happy that we finally get to sleep ing and cuddle! Since Friday is HIS day, he decided to go play raquetball with some friends. Which is fine, cuz I like sleeping in more than eating {Ok, maybe, not that much...... but it's close!} When I rolled out of bed (around 10 or so) I got ready and then ran to Wal-Mart, but of course, just as I was heading out, Shark got home from playing. He took a bath while I was shopping. And then, once I got home, and I woke him up, we went to America First. We finally got me on his account, and we even asked a lady about a mortage loan... we're not sure we're ready fot that yet, but it doesn't hurt to ask. We needed me to be on his account, because last week I ended my 5 year relationship {very rocky relationship} with Wells Fargo. Cleaned the slate, dumped them, cut the strings, threw their stuff out the window... You know. So I need somewhere I can cash my checks, my name on some account. So that got taken care of! But it was soo good to sleep in with my hubby!

After I got home from work, I watched some of my movies. (I still get the Blockbuster Total Access.) And I crafted. I put the finishing touches on the Brag Books I've been making for some friends. I found the tutorial from eighteen25!

POTD for 5.14.10 is : my way cute albums!! I think they turned out way freaking cute!!

Love to all who like doing things for others.... ♥

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