Saturday, May 15, 2010

boating already

So, today, we went boating. It was alot of fun. We went with Shark's friend Nate, Nate's brother, Kurt, Steve & Heather & Whitney, and Shark's co-worker Tyler. It was pretty fun, me, Heather & Steve & Whitney were in the Dad's boat, and Tyler, Shark, Kurt and Nate & Bro were in Nate's boat. The boys wakeboarded from Nate's boat, while we drove around the water. I got to drive the boat and it was lots of fun! It was nice to get out on the water and hang out on the boat.

When we got home, Steve & Heather had some plans, so Shark and I stayed it, ate a pizza and watched a movie. I organized some shelves in our room. Before we watched the movie, Shark hung up the bathroom fixtures {like a towel rack, a towel ring, and some hooks!} and I stitched some onesies, again for friends!

I made it look better than it was....

POTD for 5.15.10 is : onesies I made, I made these ones super cute, meaning : I stitched on 'em!!

Love to all who try to make things better... ♥

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