Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Making something AWESOME

Happy birthday Alexa! My little sister turns 16 today! So excited! Hope you have an amazing day!!

Well - Today was a good day. I got a whole lot done today. I even got my mobile Twitter and Facebook to work!! Cha!!! I'm all kinds of rocking the mobility! Well, today, Shark called on his way to FedEx, he asked me if I wanted to go over to the Smitty's and torch some creme brule! I'm all for that!  So, I went over there around 7pm, and got the jist of how to make it, Polo and Smitty showed me how, and after we put it in the fridge to set FOR HOURS, we watched Taken {with Liam Neeson} and Shark got off work and came over. When the movie was done, Smitty got out the blow torch and we scorched the tops of the creme brule! It was so fun! Even Shark got into and torched his own!!

So, now that I know how to make it and where to get the recipe, now all I need to do is : 1) get little ceramic ramekins {Tai Pan for $1.50}, get a cooking torch {No idea...} and get making!!

POTD for 5.11.2010 : me torching some food!

Love to all who have dreams come true! {I set fire to food!!}

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