Thursday, December 24, 2009

12 days of blessings : day 2

Day 2 : I am blessed with good travel conditions and good husband who knows how to drive smart in bad weather! We made it to Utah, and the trip wasn't that bad - at first was kind of awful and little scary. There were whiteout conditions when we passed some snowplows (they weren''t plowing anything, they were just driving along the shoulder, but tossing up all kinds of snow into the wind, and it made it so we couldn't see the snow or the car in front of us or really anything, for that matter.) But after we passed Laramie, the trip was fine, the road was clear and there was no snow, it was a fine drive. But I am so blessed with a husband (pilot) who has the know-how to drive in the snow, and that he doesn't have to "man-up" and drive all tough like, that he was considerate and he was ok with driving slow. I love him. (And he really is a tough guy, I mean, c'mon, the guy punched a raccoon to death, could he be any tougher?! I think not!) But we have been blessed with good travel conditions every time we drive to Utah, we have never been stuck due to closed roads or bad weather (but our family has) and we are so blessed that we have made it to our destination the same day/drive we left our house.

love to all - bry and mark

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